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Supernatural + Funny Moments


5x04, The End


Ok, can we talk about… [X]

supernatural; 1x08 bugs



#i love this so much #because it’s something only Cas understands #and Dean knows that and it’s why he says it #private jokes~

File under: cute cute cutie cute cute

His face after his says it too, looking over at Cas like “Funny right?! I know”

dean winchester + leather jacket

I actually think that the most efficacious way of making a difference is to lead by example, and doing random acts of kindness is setting a very good example of how to behave in the world.


#sometimes i cry a lot about sam and ruby being samson and delilah #i mean he was like a mythical figure to her a bit wasn’t he #the vessel of lucifer #and here she is#she has the most important job #seduce him #love him #weaken him and strengthen him #again and again she decieved him and made it look like the fault of others #and she waits patient #until he falls for her #and in her lap he sleeps #in the story delilah cuts samson’s hair and his strength and the lord leave him #and here she seduces him with body and blood and he gets stronger but he becomes a thing he hates #a monster #despite his good intentions he is blind #and the lord leaves him #samson is blind and filled with regret and when he can he pulls down an entire temple and kills the philistines #and sacrifices himself in the process #and his brothers mourn him and bury him #and i cannot get over how very like samson sam is (via Sherlurker.)

How can pain be that attractive?





whatever is going on with sam’s face in the bottom gif is made of pure gold.

i just spent a minute copying sam’s face in time with the gif.

there’s like 5 different expressions he’s making in 2 seconds

The fake one never says ‘Bobby’


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