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visual representation of season 1 


I will say when Dean’s killing the Vampire, he looks emotionally vacant like the only thing running through his veins in bloodlust and adrenaline. He shows no empathy, like he’s emotionally switched off. 


But immediately following the Vampire’s death, it all switches back on. It’s like he reached a climax by killing the Vampire and now he’s coming down from the high. He doesn’t feel guilty about what he’s done, but he’s aware of it. 


He’s satisfied but, like after reaching a climax, he’s no longer bloodthirsty.or pumping with adrenaline. At best, he’s feeling a small weight lifting off his chest, just enough for him to breathe. 

Look at the second gif, notice his exhale. He breathes like he’s held his breath in the entire time. He drops his shoulders, a sign of relaxation, and indulges in the site of his victim….

I joked about Dean being a psychopath in an earlier text post, and while I don’t necessarily think Dean is a psychopath, but I do think the Mark and the darkness within Dean are connecting to eachother like magnets. 


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I know the feeling.

I love the fact Sam trusts Jody enough to actually be honest here. How often is it Sam would even dare say something as negative as “touch and go” about how he’s feeling? This is absolutely beautiful. This is so freeing to see, okay.